Friday, May 8, 2009

Yeah, I'm a doll.

Everything for a perfect doll... all you have to add is .. pouty lips and puppy eyes !

Make them fall for you *winks*
Pic1 : (from left to right)
*Dress :[AV] Vlodovic - new dollarbie to get in store - Hair : White Well lucky board prize
*hO wear dollarbie (get it before 8PM) - Hair from Bishwear
*Dress and stool from ::f*a:: (1L)

Pic2 :
Everything is from Pixel Dolls
* Amity dress (100L)+ lace collar and gloves (group gift)
* Duchess top (50L) - jeans from Ripped
* Coat and Gloves (group gift)
* Elisabeth (group gift)
Hit the subscribo for the group gift and check previous notices ! And hit the MM for the store card, everything there is so worth every linden !
All for tonight ! Hugs !

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