Thursday, May 21, 2009

Delights of the day by Kouse

Yep, Kouse is back and look what she brought with her. A new release, Shaila, a delicious short dress in so many colors.
Light fabric and shiny reflections, your lover will stay turned into silence as you'll twirl before him, to show how the skirt floats delicately around your knees.

And what can be more awesome than a new release by Kouse? The special offer of "Buy One Get One Free".. and for 150L the dress, it's a steal. Not sure if the 25 offers are gone now, but what's sure is.. you might want to stay tuned as the group gift is to come soon !

Oh and not shown, but worth a look, the Tryst jewelry, just released, is a real delight for the eyes.

How to get the look ?

Shaila dresses (150L) * Run at Kouse's Sanctum

  • On "human" Sua : Hair - Bonita by ETD (non free) ** Skin - Hope (not released yet) by Tuli
  • On "drow" Sua : Hair - Curl by Magika (non free) ** Skin - Giselle (previous hunt gift) by Den-Dou
  • On Rosie : Shoes by Duh ** Hair - Café Black by Analog Dog ** Skin by Curio** Wings by Fancy Fairy

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