Friday, May 8, 2009

We Love You !

Yes we do !
These last months, we have been working to give you good tips, good deals and show you what we love in SL world. Our aim has always been to have fun and to inform you about what we think is worth being underlined.
Of course, famous designers but as well young ones, those people so full of talents and who just need to be more known ! It has a been a priviledge and a honor to blog about them, and to blog it for you !
Lately we've added a visitor counter thingy and we just crossed the 2500 line... Woot !
We are still a young blog, but this means the world to us to know you people out there are reading (and we hope enjoying) what we do.
So to celebrate all of this... Guess what ? We are organising a hunt !
Together with the awesome designers we work with, we'll hope to see you all join it on June 1st !
More info will be given in time.
But I wanted to attract your attention on some point about this hunt;
Yeah, we've all done the hunt... Running everywhere on the grid, tp in.. seek the box... tp out.
For some people, SL is not "just" a game. Their RL income is from their SL work.
And when they make gifts, free or almost for us, it is just incredibly generous from them.
So when you enter in a shop, of course,... search the good deals, but give a look around.
Isn't there a dress which happen to exactly what you've been looking for?
Or boots? Jewels? Furnitures?
Every designer working with us in this hunt will give something that
*defines* them, their shop. Something they've put heart and work in it.
So we hope you'll enjoy the gift. And we hope you'll head back another day when you're in need of shopping, or remember them when you're asked for good LMs.
We'll make you see how talented they are.
And you'll only need to go and pick presents for that.
Have a good day.

PS: If you are a designer and sadly haven't been contacted by us, feel free to give Suavana Maiman or Maelenn Catteneo an IM asap. We'll be glad to have you with us !

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  1. Yay!!! Mae you rock! I would like you all people to realise how much hard work Mae has been going through to get this together for you all...
    I love you little sister!