Saturday, May 9, 2009

I dreamt of light gowns.. twirling like a dream around me

I showed you a few days ago about Boaz's last release... and guess what.. she has made a new one again. And dear.. it is so worth the 400L.

But first.. the Grace gown in deep red is a special offer to the members of the following groups:
Simply Fae, Fashion R Us, Fashcon
You got to wear the group tag and you'll get it half price (200L) at Ancient Dreams Market

And now, Gwendolyn... This dress is simply a delight... The color Aqua was just perfectly suiting Suavana but I bet you'll find something for your own tastes ! The work puts in this dress is obvious. Boaz, you just rock ! Now.. go get it now ladies. It's stunning.

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