Monday, May 18, 2009


While trying to dig my way out of my messy inventory, here are some jewels I found, designer's gifts from the Blogger's Appreciation Week. So let's have a look at them !

From left to right:
  • The two sets of silks (light blue:Callista and red:Chalise) Analise
  • The supa sexy white swimsuit (Sand Goddess) and the black & red silk set (Temptress) : Captive Elegance
  • The delicious purple silks are the Adephagia Arabian Night Set by Nicky Ree
  • The green little dress is the Green Goddess dress by Nushru
  • The piralatex outfit in copper, the Not a Pirate dress in green and the Black and White gown are from Sams Secret

Hair styles:

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