Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shoooooooz *swoon*

Okay, so no big secret that I, unlike my wonderful friends here at Look What The Cat Brought, am not a fashion maven. I'm just not. Unless it's shoes. An ex of mine once commented as he saw my eyes begin to glow with joy while we were shopping for other things, "There are boots in this store. Oh my god. I've brought you to a store with boots. What have I done???" He then wandered off to cry in a corner while I oohed and ahhed over every boot in sight. Shoes are my personal idea of Nirvana. So imagine the squeak of joy that sprung from my lips when I found these little goodies from Duh, It's My Store!:

These clogs from Duh! are a HUGE steal at only L$20 each. They come in tons of colours; plus each pair comes with silver buckles, gold buckles and that walking sound option if ya want it (not for me but there are obviously plenty of divas clickety-clacking their little tootsies around the grid). Basically, I want them in RL, too. Badly.

There are also some really cute limited time dollarbies (the clogs above in berry and a cute pair of yellow crocodile skin espadrille sandals too) and a lucky chair. Soooo.... if you're a shoe freak like me, RUN don't walk to Duh, It's My Store! and get your goodies now!

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