Tuesday, May 12, 2009

salon de pigeon blanc.

hey! i know, i know, i haven't blogged in awhile.
it has been a combination of laziness and RL. lol

we all love shirohato's black canary dress
from their lucky board
at Symmetry,
but shirohato also has three lucky boards at Ys@Mall!

Hair: W&Y 50L! Sale ends today.
Dress: salon de pigeon blanc (shirohoto) lucky board (10 min.)
includes socks!
Skin: VIP Hunt Gift from Atomic (#20). I looooove it. ~drool~
Boots: VIP Hunt Gift from Virus Co(#48). My FAVORITE boots ever now!
Trunk: VIP Hunt Gift from MudHoney(#17). Vintage and tres tres cool.

Dress: salon de pigeon blanc. lucky board outside. (10 min)

Hair: W&Y. Sale everything 50L. Ends TODAY!
Dress&Hat: salon de pigeon blanc. lucky board (10 min.)
Scarf: Kyoot. past gift. I don't think it's available.
Skin: Keys to the VIP Hunt Prize. Atomic (#20).

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