Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's a beautiful day...

Did this ever happen to you? .. You wake up in the morning.. a little smile on your face, feeling this day is going to be good.
And so far it is more than good.. it's wonderful. The weather is just lovely, I'm working hard for you ^_~ but I'm loving it (next post will tell you more about this) and I got myself two dresses from maybe my two favourites lady designers in SL.
First, for the Blogger Appreciation week, Evangeline of Evie's Closet sent us a purple copy of her Saiyge gown. Thank you so much.. we are so spoiled this week, my only regret is not to be able to share those pretties with you all !
But you can still get the Saiyge gown at Evie's store. I bought the Ocean one for Maelenn when it came out and I'm just loving it so much.

And we got news from Kouse's Sanctum ! She is back .. Yay ! We missed you much Kouse. The lovely lady returned after her battle against the mighty nasty demon "My-pc-went-boom" and she is holding a retiring sale.
The delicious gown Calleigh is to get for .... [Please, for your own safety be seated] 75L !
Only till tomorrow 7AM, then it'll be gone for good. so I rushed to get it in green ! But don't be sad, I'm pretty sure she has adorable new releases coming soon !

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Evie's Closet (mainstore at Oubliette)
Kouse's Sanctum at SeaBreeze ~*~ Kouse's Sanctum at Avilion Vale

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