Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Et un et deux.. pas de valse et Pas De Deux

Yes, Pas De Deux spoiled its group members... the wonderful green dress (elegantly modelled by Mae) has been sent to all of us and it come with the wings.. Delightful is the word.

The middle dress is the Discovery Hunt gift.. A elegant dress spiced up with yesterday pick reward gift from Material Squirrel (Sylphan wings in Flame).

The one on the right of the picture is a lucky board gift and it matches perfectly TODAY's pick reward gift !
Other stuff: (On Mae) Skin: previous hunt at A Piece of Candy - Ears: Discord (99L) - Hair: Boon (Last Hair Fair gift)
(On Sua) Hair: *orange pecoe* lucky board - Skin: Rockberry lucky board

And as you can, the group gift we got is one special edition from the latest release ! Lovely isn't it ?

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