Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Aka, dangerous creatures.


A friend of mine was offering gacha exchanges on Plurk, trying to get a whole set from Storybook at the Whimsical event, and she posted a picture of the gacha key, and obviously I had to go and spend all my l$ on that gacha, so, thank you for this, Arora...

But then I thought I might as well show you the pretty things I got, you know, spread the love...

Credits :

  • Eyes : Banana Banshee - Soul (Omega & Genesis appliers included, 50l$ per color)
  • Ears : Mandala - Steking Season 5
  • Lashes (Rose) : Damien Fate - Fatelashes
  • Shoes : 
    • Rose : Mutresse - Gugu sandals (@C88 this month)
    • Yael : Ingenue - Athina sandals - Sand (@C88 this month)
  • Outfit (dress, wings, horns and tail) : Storybook - Hell Bound (various colors, gacha prices, 75l$ per item @Whimsical)
  • Nails (Rose) : DP - Koffin Nails - Sperm-tastic (for the Body Art II Hunt, starting June first)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Showing some *bubbly* love.


If you've been following this blog (oh! that's you then!), you know that Bubbles Clawtooth is one of my go to hair designers. But he is also a lovely human being, who's struggling at the moment in his RL, because his mum is sick. I can't even begin to fathom what he's going through. Because he is spending as much time as he can with her, he hasn't been able to work as hard as he usually does, and we see a little less of him these days on SL.
Cajsa Lilliehook has come up with a lovely idea of a blogger challenge, to show Bubbles our love and support, and promote his amazing creations. As a dilletante blogger, I'm not sure I have much (any) influence on SL economy, but if only one single reader (well, that's you, then) goes to Clawtooth after reading this and buys a new hairstyle, I'll consider myself happy.

Yesterday, little Lord Fartsalot (aka my baby boy) was absolutely adorable, which allowed me to log in my alt and completely revamp her (last time I'd bought anything for her was pre-mesh!). I got her mesh body, head, ears, clothes... everything! I took her to Collabor88 and grabbed pretty clothes, and here we are!

All hair by Bubbles Clawtooth (left to right) :
  • Girlfriend in a Coma (essentials pack - @C88)
  • Wave Goodbye - Bombshell Blonde (in store)
  • Surfer Rosa - Coffee with Cream (gacha in store)
Other credits :