Monday, May 4, 2009


So I wasn't sure what to put for a title, lol. A little simple design always works, of course!

So to start off the post. Emery has some awesome freebies up for grabs.

Left: New freebie on the table downstairs at Emery! Super cute and sooo my style! And it comes with two options to wear the skirt!
Right: Also at Emery is a secret freebie upstairs! This Blondie outfit is awesome! Hurry and go get it because I am not sure how much longer it will be on sale for 0L. The anchor necklace is a new dollarbie from SaLsa! Sal always makes awesome stuff!

Now this photograph is filled with goodies.
Left: Pocket Full of Posies dress is a subscribo gift from Icing! One of my favorite stores!
Middle: The outfit is a group gift from *pop feel* and the roman coin sandals are a Midnight Mania prize from She's So Unusual Shoes!
Right: The green chiffon blouse is a subscribo gift from Pink Outfitters. Another one of my favorites! And the shorts are a camping prize (20 min) from *pop feel*! They can also be a mini jean skirt!

That's all for today! /me stretches! Enjoy!


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