Friday, May 22, 2009

Mashooka, DSN and other treats to get

Yep, yep.. i always think of you, and when I take a break from preparing the hunt, it's to do a post for you to get goodies... Am i not too good?
Lol.. ok enough for self flattering, but really, Mashooka has placed some special in her chairs, and between the dresses and the jewels ... you HAVE to visit her store. I still can't catch the blue, pink and white versions of those dresses... lucky chairs hate "S" and when a "?" pops.. I feel better to leave it to someone waiting for longer than me, but dang.. I'll get you lucky chairs !

There are also nice dollarbies to get like this red dress and the bindi (the small circle worn on the forehead) is for free in all colors.

Now last pretties sent via DSN...
Spork is as usual stunning and sexy with the Flight Mini dress in gold, and along with hair from Bryce Designs it's just yummy ! And the very final last touch came from both the pose, curtesy of Lazy Places and the shoes from Baby Monkey (Shoes aren't from DSN - non free)

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