Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goodies in a hurry

Morning beautiful ladies !

So this morning I want to show you a few things ... but duh I don't have much time so let's do this quickly shall we?

First... my last Rfyre outfit *drums roll* Bytterwynds II in Tan. Yeah.. I am a badly spoilt blogger so I got it as a gift for the Blogger's week.. but I tell you... My jaw was hitting the floor like 5seconds after the picture of this outfit rezzed. And it is seriously worth every linden. As you can see.. you can wear it in different styles so it is awesome ! (Boots from Mer-Elf not included)

Taxi to this beauty --> Click Here

Then comes Ripped and here.. be happy cos' these two outfits are gifts from the Gorean Hunt and the Scarlett Hunt. *me makes sure she hides properly her breasts and goes to the next outfit*

Such a long time I hadn't blogged about Lemania !! And today I'm showing you why Midnight Manias need to be slapped !

First one is this Spring outfit.. delicious matching the piddidle hair (previous gift). Head at The French Farm to slap your MM !

And this dress has a name which will make you feel hungry ! Milk Chocolate is to get here at Lemania Castle !

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