Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She wants it !

Oh yes she wanted it and she got it ! Suavana got lucky at Mystic Hope and wow just fell in love for this Anfaela outfit. I got it and sadly now the lucky chair prize is changed...
Sadly ? well not really, there are another pretty outfit to get !! and Anfaela is so worth buying it in the store !
Plus you can see some of the great gifts you can have from Mystic Paradise (the floor under MysticHope - where everything is 50L or less) ... the green cloak.. the blue male outfit and the shiny dagger ^-^
The katana is Harm's baby... Got it from the RFL vendor and it is soooo great looking weapon...
*already hears Harm wondering how weapons can be used in fashion*

Boots (not free ) Phoenix Designs and Firefall *** Hair Cri-Cri group gift
Enjoy ... *goes humming She Wants It *

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