Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I believe I can fly...

Greetings! My favorite OOC (out of character, means NOT medieval as far as I am concerned) designer, THE gentleman of SL, Morrigan Denimore (yes, I DO have a major crush on him, so what?) just released a new delight, that I intend to get as soon as my not so gentlemanly banker lets me buy linden $... So I am showing you the promo poster, which is quite unusual I know (but The Black Canary's promo posters are very pretty anyway...)

Aaaaaaand.... I was mentioning a contest in my previous post... Well here it is:

"My dear lolitas, aristocrats, and all those in between, the first ever lolita themed magazine is holding a cover page contest for the release of our first issue which is set to be released in the month of August. The theme of the first issue is something that is widely known to the lolita culture (and even those who are not): Alice in Wonderland. With this in mind, please post us your best Alice-themed image, and we may very well choose it to be on our cover page.

Now, here are the rules:

1) You are permitted to Photoshop your entry (in fact you really should; if you do not, that's quite alright, we may still choose it nonetheless so long as we have permission to touch it up for the cover).

2) You may only post one image, and it must be high resolution; those who post more than one will not be qualified.

3) Your picture must be tasteful, befitting of a proper lolita themed magazine; we do not wish to see your naughty bits.

4) Enjoy! The deadline to submit is july 25th; after this a winner will be decided and contacted.

The winner of this contest will receive a mini-feature in our magazine as well as have their picture on the front cover. In addition, they will receive store credit to The Black Canary, redeemable at any time for any one item of their choosing.

I am interested to see your lovely photos.


In case you were wondering, of course I am entering... *grins* and so should you!

Monday, June 29, 2009

i'd Rather Be Katatonic i'll Never Stop

im still in luv with pink :-P

And its a good thing too cos a nc just boinged into my inventory with the news that the wonderful Katat0nik Pidgeon has put a new almost-giftie dress out in her main Katat0nik store for us.... and... YES!! Its PINK!! WOOT!! A pink recolour of her Panda Dress. It is not free, but only 25L, which even i can manage to scrape up yayz. So without further ado, here it is ^.^

The pose is kinda cool yes? Its Michael Jackson's famous on-his-toes pose, and it is a completely free giftee from Sugar Mill, along with 3 other MJ poses in a box at the entrance to the shop. Its a mark of respect for the passing of a great performing artist. So it seemed right 2 use these awesum poses for this post  ;-;

Next pic is another one of Sugar Mill's MJ poses, and more very affordable Katat0nik gifts. She has a whole stand of cheapies... oldies and not-so-oldies... and these Love Butt Pants are soooo cool, and only 10L @.@  "BUT"! - u cry. "These are not pink! These are RED!" Aha, yes, but u know, pink is a tint of red heh. If id shown u the green or the black pants that u could also get for 10L, u would have a point. But red, that's ok ^.~

The tops? Surely u begin to recognise a trend here? LOL. Uh huh, Elv'an Magika again. Five lindens. Wot to say? Fave shop lolz.

Other cool stuff also from Katat0nik is the choker and the shoez. The shoez are her famous Bowie Mary Janes of course, not free... (though this pair was... an old group gift hehe  ^.~ ) The  Locked Heart Choker is so very cute. It comes in many colours, has a resize script which works brilliantly, and is only.... gasp.... 25L o.m.g. The work is so detailed and luvly. Look:

The hair, the skin, and all the other jewellry u know i blogged in my last post tho i didn't show u a closeup, so this makes up for it. In case u missed it read it here

And btw these pics all taken at Katat0nik's cool sim ^.^

Last minute OMG-blogger-freak-out. On the totally awesum uber-blog Free Style, Sileny has just blogged this pink dress and... what's more... she is also using a MJ gift pose!! What are the odds of that happening? ROFLMAO! Blogger faux pas on my part :-P  But u know... iv taken the pics and written the post so im gonna still put it up heh. Luckily Sileny is showing u a MJ pose from a different gift - from KS2Cool not Sugar Mill - and also is showing a different skin, from Fishy Strawberry. So go check her post here ^.^

*Edit: ummm... :-P  i got my Elv'an Magika bra on under that Katat0nik pink dress cuz i liked the bit of red lace & i forgot 2 take it off before i made the foto... so u know... if u want the lace, wear the bra ^.~

There's a place I dream about ...

where the sun never goes out...

Well right now in RL, the sun IS out there, grilling me and it came so suddenly I must admit I'm having troubles bearing the heat... Anyway I found some goodies for you on the grid... These lovely Monarch silks are by Ally Chevalier at Soul Garden (free from DSN), the pretty blond hair is free from the lucky board at Redlic, the sexy swim suit is from the MM board at SWIM and the colorful strapless shirt is from Potassium(DSN)

Now, let's be serious for a minute and look at the boots Renee Harvy from Duh! just released. The Boots sell for 25L$, or a fat pack of 6 for $100. The subscribo group members get the Pink Camo Boots, and the Blue Pair are currently a dollarbie in the stores. The red pair are the current prize in the lucky chair.

I thought I would share with you my entry for the Moon faery contest at Evie's Closet and Studio Sidhe so here it is... It's too late to enter but there is another contest I will talk to you about tomorrow...

Interview and Review of Vidal

Hello, friends! Just wanted to talk to you about a very good friend of mine, Javabox, and his concepts for developing job opportunities in Second Life for those people around the globe who might not otherwise have the opportunity to make a decent living very easily. I know we all chuckle about designers eeking out a few lindens for their hard work and how little a linden is worth, but to someone from certain parts of the globe where say a teacher is happy to make $300 US equivalent per month, picking up another $30,000L and converting it to cash can be a real boost. And that's just the sort of people he wants to encourage. He's already helped one new designer get a leg up on the competition, and he is hopeful of helping more.

That is us chatting beside his shop, Vidal.

The designer was gracious enough to drop one of his lovely designs on me in several colors just as it was being released. Naturally, I had to put it right on, and when it rezzed I absolutely Sqeeeee'd! with delight. The other photo shows the alternative mini that comes in each pack in a lovely lime green. I have to say the mini is my favorite, because it is unusual and it moves so well. I had a lovely time trying it with different poses and it always looked great. Not free, but very reasonable, especially with all the great options, and a great mix n'match accessory thrown in in the form of a lovely handbag.

Last, but not least. FREEBIES!!!

You didn't think I would forget all about those, did ya? -*winks and grins*-

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mainly hair...

and I am not even finished unpacking...but here is what I have done so far...HAIR FAIR!!! KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSES!!!

Close your eyes and I'll kiss you...

All my loving goes to Evie's Closet, of course, where the lucky cupcake is back...Yay!! And here are the lovely things you can get:

  • the Wicked Fae outfit

  • The "Do you believe in Fairies" shirt and the "Former Frog Prince" shirt, with matching sweatpants

  • And the beautiful Aria dress in Fuschia and Aurora in black...

There is also a 100l$ giftcard for the shop... om nom nom!

Other things:
  • Hair: Truth Jess (used to be a freebie, not sure it's still free) and Calico Arianna (free from Hair Fair)
  • Skin: Curio

MORE Hair Fair

Sadly, I probably will not get to all the booths at Hair Fair this year. Between the problems getting there, the lag, the crashes, and my own influenza A...I did get to visit one whole sim with very little problems last night...the above is a short sampling of the hair I got...most of it freebie and dollarbie hair, I only bought a few wigs myself. I loved the theme this year!!! It was very creatively done, and the boothes all did well keeping with the theme. I will not pick out one merchant...there were so many awesome designs...but I will say that one thing I noticed the 50% hairs that donated 50% to Lock of Love, they were often NOT the style I would have chosen to buy. One thing the creators should consider for next year...I would be more likely to purchase if it were anything remotely like what I wanted...also some of the free styles were adorable...some I had to shake my head and say..."What were they thinking"... Most needed some kind of adjustment...but I like doing that...and for free...who's complaining!!! Click the pic to get the name of the style and artist... ~*Dawn

New dream at Aria's Dreams

When i logged on this morning, I just thought... hurry.. just one more day to do the Evie's Contest, so I thought I'd just shoot pictures and hurry off on photoshop. But this was not counting on Aria. She just sent to her group members an edition of her soon-to-be-released gown Llyra.

This one is a total delight. Both textures and design are simply stunning and the embroideries on the gown are a real piece of art. If Aria had me already convinced of her talent before, it's just impossible to deny it now. So now, get online, join her group if not yet and sneak in notices to receive this dream gown.

I Wanna Snatch The Cat Back

im wearing all gurly pink stuffs and i luv it yayz. i dunno what has come over me. This post is all about pink. Humour me lolz  ^.~

U know how it seems we all need a low arc outfit rite now. Hair fairs, hunts, sales... the low arc outfit looms ever larger in ur inventory yes? And u know how bad u can look in a low arc outfit rite? Well despair no longer cuz Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch has come to ur rescue with an awesum low lag outfit.... with a catch LOL. If u are a member of her Sn@tch VIP group then this low arc outfit is waiting for u in the group notices... pink top, stripey stockings and knickers woot. So cool. And the shoez, these amazing platform flip flops are in the notices also, a second giftie. But the catch? No, the group join thing is not the catch... read on... ^.~

Now, lets get to the catch  ^.~  the outfit... its... like... pretty well transparent. Now there is no way im gonna be splashed all over a blog in transparent knickers  :-P  so that explains the big fat pink flower figleaf iv dumped rite over a strategic part of my anatomy :-P  So maybiez... wear pants or shorts rite? LOL. The top is also semi-transparent. So wear a bra. I got mine for only 5L at Elv'an Magika, remember i blogged this fave shop in my last post.

And u noticed the hair? And the jewellry? Look closer.... oooooh aaaaaaah:

Hair is the divine Cherry Bob by Curious Kitties, freeeeee at the Hair Fair here, woot. Really *this* is the culprit that made me fall in luv with pink all over again  :-P  i may never take it off i luv this hair so much, Curious Kitties so rawks =^.^=

The jewellry? Well there is currently a freebie fest for the opening of the new Starlust area A La Mode. U should go. Repeat. Go Now. There are gifties/dollarbies of clothes, jewellry, shoes, poses, and just... stuff... scattered all along the bridge. The cute rainbow necklace with matching earrings is from KCD. The checkerboard Defiant Cuffs are from Electric Jane. EEEEEnormous diamond cocktail ring is from Puarangi Designs Jewelry. There is so so much more. Go check it out asap cuz i dunno how long these will be here for... maybe only this weekend?... ty 2 Pamber Lorefield for the headsup on this sale <3
The skin.... whoa... pretty awesum yes? Wrenja already blogged it some time ago here, along with other stuffs u can get at Hotel Munster *if* u are a group member - and there is a 50L joining fee. Now im not a fan of fees to join groups at all :-P  but i decided it was worth it for this skin which is a gift from Violent Seduction  ^.^ And im glad i joined, cuz i lurk round Hotel Munster a bit, i luv the build and all the shops that are there, and this skin is now my new fave skin yayz!. And also there are lots of other hot group gifts including 2 other skins in the same place and two House of Munster hairs in the group notices ^.^  Double yayz! 

Whoa! Stop the press! As i was about to post this.... a nc about a new freebie at Elv'an Magika lobbed in! Yayz! And... its pink!! WOOT!! This beeeeeuuutiful pink colour of the oh-so-versatile Elv'an Magika signature jacket is free for a limited time. It fits in so fine with my current pink obsession. And the skirt i blogged earlier is still there free but not for long. Go fetch ^.^

Btw fotos taken at Hotel Munster and at Cutie Land both awesum builds ^.^

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Delights worth to be known

And i'm not only talking about the smexylicious last release from Blue Blood ...
Freedom and yeah.. it's about how I feel right now !
The wonderful Ghanima keeps amazing me a whole lot and even more as I saw this new outfit.
Worn as a ball dress or cute shorts .. or even a extremely well seen compromised with the short opened skirt ! A total must have.. and specially the black .. well ok.. at least for me the black.. But remember black is group only !

Next but absolutely delight I found thanks to Freestyle bloggers.. Mystic Sky. Skyler's lucky chair entirely hates me.. or all "S".. but anyway I'll stick there and get you lovely lavendar gown. *waves her fist in the air at the chair* Anyway this adorable dress is a subscribo gift and I'm SO loving it that I simply turned human... Yep.. pink looks better on pink skin!

All hair styles are from Hair Fair... Dollarbies or Gifts... Goodies to get.. If I can ever visit the Fair entirely.

Oh.. still wondering what other delight I was speaking about ???

I got a job ^-^

Oh how it's been so long

I'm so sorry I've been gone! I've been avidly doing exams so I can go to University in September and so blogging has been rather lax.
This is the Midnight Mania prize at Lemania and it's such a sweet colour of pink I love it! so go slap that board and get your hands on the lovely dress!

Monday, June 22, 2009


OMG!!! Hair Fair??? YEAH!!! An addicts dream comes true!!! Tonight has been the very first time I was able to even get near a Hair Fair sim. As expected the lag was hiddeous, worse, I was stuck in the sim I was in...all others on all sides were full and did not allow access. The top picture is me fretting how to do an article on this most fabulous event, when I could not get there!!!
Maybe traffic will die down a little bit this week so all can get a chance to see this wonderous event. I was so happy to have little hints from the Fashion Bloggers, and followed them to a T! I had my avatar render cost down to 46 and probably could have gotten that lower, but here is where my vainity comes to play. I just could not make myself go completely bald...NOPE not a Hair Addict!!! So I did wear my 2008 bandana. Rosie should be very proud of me...and yes I agree...bling and flexi hair and render costs well over 5,000...perhaps in the future there could be someone at the landing zones helping people reduce their costs, and if not...boot them...sigh...
In any case, I do hope to report on much more, here are a few freebies by *Pizazz Hair* The shorties are male styles...I often think male wigs look better on females than on males... these are adorable, the long one tho...needs a little work...and nodka 30L offering which was too cute to pass up (it's the one with the hat). Now back to trying that landmark...again and again and again...Addicts don't give up that easy! :)


Ca m'eneeeeeeeeerve!!

Ok well I need to explain that... It means "That pisses me off!!" and it's a song in french sung by a german guy and talking about all these things that piss him off. Well what pisses ME off is people who go to a hair fair wearing prim shoes (the more bling the better), skirts, belts, jewels, facelights, prim lashes, AOs, radars, HUDs and last but not least, HAIR, but not the low prim non flexi hair, noooooo, the hair from Analog Dog (that I love btw but NOT on a crowded sim) with a gazilion prims with flexi AND alpha (transparency if you prefer)
So, please pleeeeaaaaase check your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost, that's your weight on the sim, Sua explains very well how to check that here) and if it's above 100, you're just so not "in" I'm sad for you... *grins*

And here's what I look like when I visit the Hair Fair... My ARC is 1, it's the lowest possible, and I walk like a duck, and guess what? I'm proud of it! Post on the Flickr your "special fair and hunt outfit" and the best 3 will be shown here on the blog! Oh and the "Shop till you drop" shirt is from a new place called Rezlpsa Loc (don't ask me, I don't get the pun, hehe, I'm french after all) where you'll find awsome funny shirts!

That being said, I fought the lag this morning and found a few nice things that I show you here matched with outfits from DSN.


This sexy piece of latex is supposed to be everything I hate: latex, pink and fur... but you know what? I love it!! It's from Vextra Messing Designs, another shop I had never heard of until the DSN thingamagic dropped it in my inventory... the hair is another Calico gift from the Hair Fair that I ever so slightly modified to make it darker.

Relive the old sin of Adam and Eve

There is a lotta stuff in this post... cos who has not found it impossible to do even the simplest things isl this weekend? Anyone? No i didn't think so ROFLMAO. So. Its taken me a while to put the pics together. This is a loooooong post be warned :-P   but bear with me cuz it is full of good stuff ^.^

O.M.G. Look at this hair. I am so in luv with this hair ^.^  

The luvly sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve has retired all her old hairs and there are all new hairs at Adam n Eve and they are great. And this is one of them, called Jenny, in white. Not free (299L for a pack of 4 colours), but awesum, for sure it should tempt u to go look at the new hairs ^.~  (The wreath belongs to a different hair iv had 4eva... Ursula by Curl Up and Dye Salon)

Now u may have noticed the awesum skin? That is also by Adam n Eve. It is one of the Celeste Goth skins downstairs, it is called Evil Eye hehe, it is not free (750L) but it so totally rocks when u want a kinda uncompromising mystery look ^.~  The lace collar and gloves were a group giftie from PixelDolls some time ago and i wear them so often... u can find anything u want at PixelDolls ^.~

I bet ur also thinking omg what is this dress? Nomine dress oooooh. U need to see a pic of the whole dress to fully appreciate its awesumness.... so here u go... 

So u really want the dress right? i know i did lol. YAYZ this dress is free! U get it in the lucky chair at Nomine!! Woot! The awesum Munchflower Zaius has now put out a *second* lucky chair and both chairs are now set to *only* 10 mins. Its filled with yummy new stuffs. i have stalked this chair mercilessly and so i can now show u all these stuffs :-D 

And btw the foto was taken at the awesum Rouge Forest which has everything u need for ghostly fotos, really...

Here is another awesum sim and another awesum outfit to show u. 

The sim... aaaaaaah the sim is the totally beguilingly beautiful Cu Mar Snowy Haven, which i adore and which is unfortunately soon gonna be sold or closed down, which eva happens first, so says the nc which now drops on ya when u arrive. im heartbroken :-(   So if u wanna see this luvly place before it poofs then go now.

The dress? Of course its Silent Sparrow. Uber-queen designer hyasynth Tiramisu is having a 50% off sale until 23 June that is tomorrow and this like *never* happens so really now that it has happened... well surely u have heard about the sale by now anywayz but if not... go now and make the most of it hehe... it means everything is like 250-300L @.@   look see how awesum....

The hair is once again Jenny, in black, by Adam n Eve. i cant take this hair off i luv it so much LOL. The skin and the jewellery i have blogged before... the Vendor Support Month gifts from Sn@tch and from Ticky Tacky. ... i can't find the VSM gift at Ticky Tacky now it may have poofed.

Back to Nomine.  There is a fortune teller now at Nomine, with one of my all time fave outfits in it yayz... u can win this totally gorgeous Rose Red outfit. It has to be one of my fave outfits. i bought this a while ago and whenever i wear it i can not walk more than a coupla minutes without someone im-ing to ask where they can buy it, i kid u not. And now u dont even have to buy it @.@  Just go find ur perfekt match on the fortune teller WOOT!!

More stuffs in the Nomine lucky chair - look at this cute skirt ^.^ in a luvly bottle green colour and with darling yellow roses on the belt, which is beautifully modelled, theres a black lace underskirt, and it all moves so beautifully. i luv luv luv this skirt :-)  

The shoez? - are the Little Miss Carnage pumps from SMOTD - they were a weekly dollarbie a few weeks ago... the very generous Putrid Gloom almost always has a hidden dollarbie in her shop, as well as the MM, so its worth checking regularly. i so luv shoez from SMOTD, i have almost abandoned wearing boots now because of SMOTD shoez @.@  Oh and SMOTD has moved since i posted about it last.... here is new taxi rank for SMOTD at Gloomyville.

U need to see this outfit close up cos there is more to show u. First the hair - its another of Adam n Eve's new hairs, this one is called Heidi and its as cute as mustard really and i have a pack of pretty colours called Fun 2 that are as yummy as gelato ^.^  Mustard and gelato.... mmmmmm..... this colour is titian... how appropriate for Titania ^.^

The skin - dreamy - i am wearing a most wonderful skin by Fleur from the Allure China range called Sinuous. Fave fave fave skin. Reminiscent of the Fleur Feline skin which i bought long long ago, still an all-time fave of mine even after all this time ^.^  i show u this skin to remind u that the talented Roslin Petion is about to retire ALL of the Fleur skins and bring out a new range.... until this happens there is a 50% sale on all Fleur skins which makes each skin 500L (@).(@)  iv blogged this before... but it must be close to ending now... some truely awesum skins here... go now before u miss out... 

The eyes are awesum, called Endless Summer and by Poetic Colors, they are the current dollarbie. They have all the colours of sunset in them. Oh my.

And see the cute skull earring im wearing? Left ear? That is also from.... the Nomine lucky chair! Ta dah! LOL!

iv teamed the skirt with two tops from the wonderful elven gear shop Elv'an Magika... where everything costs 5L. Or less. That's clothes, hair, eyes. How the ever generous Vainji Kira does this i do not know but there u have it. Buy them all LOL. i know it did ^.~  

Now see my last foto... it is more stuff from Elv'an Magika. More of her uber-cute 5L tops and a totally lust-worthy brown and gold skirt so totally suitable for woodland elven wanderings... its a limited time 0L freebie i dunno how long its free so go now. Trust me, its luvly, u want it. Its on a shop dummy at the front when u land.

The so yummy lace up boots were from the lucky chair at Studio M'z. Hey, i said i had *almost* abandoned wearing boots ^.~   The skin is another of the Fleur sale skins, Allure China Suzume, also tooooo awesum. The hair is again Adam n Eve's Heidi hair, this time the colour is pearl, a luvly soft pinky blond. The jewellery is still the Ticky Tacky VSM set (which i now cant find at Ticky Tacky any more) another thing i cant ever seem to take off :-P

And the last 3 fotos were taken at the adorable Star Fairymeadow's new sim The Hollow, where Wretched Dollies has relocated. Its an awesum build, very atmospheric and with lots of luvly spots for fotography... i will be taking more fotos here for sure...

im exhausted after writing all this ROFL. U must be exhausted reading it. We all need a nice hot cuppa tea. im gonna go get mine now :-P    So i bid u farewell til next time :-D