Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When it turns to be the greatest love ... [Part One]

One day, you tp in some place, lost and unsure of what you're searching.. and here it is. As you land and start to rezz, you know this place is going to be wonderful, and you know you will come back. Let me show you some of my favourites.
  • Wishbox
    I do love Wishbox.. for the designs are always sweet and full of dreams. The dresses float around you nicely and softly, the details are stunning, it is really a delight for the eyes and.. for the purse. Considering the quality of the creations, their prices are always more than fair. And Wisp Jinn, the talented designer of Wishbox, is more than generous too and always put awesome items in her lucky chair and in her brand new Midnight Mania.Proof in pictures. [Top Picture] The Empress Gown in ecru (previous lucky chair prize) is worn with the Dusk Wings (Gift from Wishbox). Next to it the Sprite Dress in Sapphire (previous lucky chair prize) is matching the Fairy Rose Garland.. which is color change (Actual lucky chair prize). In the lucky chair there was as well a head piece jewel.. which I didn't get as Sua but as Mae.. I'll show you later ^-~

[Bottom Picture] I'm in the latest fashion wind with this Blue Loli(ta?) dress (Actual MM prize), but for summer days, the Gypsy Chemise in Red is perfect and adorable. Oh and don't forget to pick up the Blue Corset given as a gift by Wisp. You just need a little top under to hide what has to be hidden and there you go!

  • MysticHope
    I do love MysticHope's creations too ... Why ? Simple. Look at these three outfits shown under. Everytime, mix 'n match opportunities. And colors are perfect for a lady drow like me. You can be attractive, but looking deadly at the same time.

[MysticHope Picture] The blue and black outfit, Fyreas Mind Blue, appears 3 times, 3 different styles. It is the actual lucky chair prize and comes with pants in both colors (blue and black) and option to fit boot cut or not. Plus you can decide to wear .. or not the jacket which add a touch of black to the top. And last but not the least, you can pick from the long skirt or the short one, depending on how sweet you wish to look. The back and blue-greenish outfit, called Dark Thorn Blue, is the new camping prize, less options than the previous one but as much delightful to wear. Tastefull and sexy at once, you can either wear the "closed" version (pants and shirt meets) or the opened one and reveal that cute navel of yours. The shoulder plates and scarf are great too and for myself, I'd always wear the skirt, except in the arena ! Being opened in the front allows you to have that feminine touch, but still looks like a fighter.. awesome isn't it ? And last one.. the Lyric outfit in Beige is to get on the floor just under MysticHope... it's still MysticHope.. but.. Mystic Paradise because every single item there is 50L !

Other yummy stuff you're drooling over:

  • Wishbox pictures :

Skins : Human - Hope in Dark Tan Kitten from Tuli ** Drow - Giselle from Den-Dou (same skin for the MysticHope picture)

Hair : Top Pic Black one: Boon last group gift but black one is available as freebie for everybody at the store. ** Top Pic Brown one: Snizzle in Brown from Bizarre Hair (actual MM) ** Bottom Pic Black one : Model Hair 02 from ::69:: ** Bottom Pic Red one : Hazel from Goldie Locks (MM)

  • MysticHope picture:

Hair : Tuli in cloud from HoH and Acacia in Platinium from Vixen (Profile Pick Prize)

Shoes: Ankle Boots - Sentou Yousei Lucky Chair (maybe still in it!) ** Long boots - Phoenix Designs and Firefall

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