Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just So Excited To Be Here!

-*waves and smiles*-

So my darling Rosie has asked me to join the "Look What The Cat Brought In" crew, and I searched and searched for the perfect outfit for that crucial first blog post. And I found it!

This is me at the Dogwood Commons Secret Garden, a lovely little place to relax on a hammock or admire the beautiful butterflies flitting about.

This lovely gown is one of the newest ticket prizes for the Lucky Tribe and I love it! If you've already got your Lucky Tribe Lucky Ticket, head on down to *~*HopScotch*~* today. If you don't, stop by the Lucky Tribe Headquarters and pick up your hud. Be sure to join the Lucky Tribe group and ask about holding an initiation. If I am online, I'll be happy to come beat on a drum for ya! There is a board with listings of all the great vendors participating in the Lucky Tribe Kudos program, so be sure to have a look at the list.

Here are some items that don't require any Kudos, but might require some patience. The jewelry is from Caithlin Carter Designs lucky chair, and it's lovely, but not half so lovely as some of the things in their showroom floor! The dress is a new midnight mania from Sweeter Than Candy and I love how it sparkles (hm, think sparkles could be a theme for a Fae? -*giggles*-) Last, I am wearing a pair of the wonderful freebie shoes from Periquita, where the only things for sale in the shop right now are FREEEEE!! But hurry, no idea how long it will last. Oh yes, here's a closeup of the shoes. Try not to drool on the leather, darlings.

Thanks again for making me feel welcome here!

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