Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And there's a creepy doll that always follows you

So Wrenja issued a blogger challenge a few days ago... to showcase builds and sims sumtimes when showing the clothes and stuff... and its a great idea methinks. So im gonna do that and also go back & add locations for my previous posts wen i get time.

So today's post im showing u pics i took at the Black Pearl Pleasure Beach Amusement Park. Its a dark carnival with Alice in Wonderland spooky house maze and carni rides, merry go rounds, teapots, circus tents... wots not to like ^.^

The perfect setting for the two dresses i wanna show u this post, from the alwayz amazing Show Me On The Doll, a darkly spooky place with really imaginative carnival-friendly clothes and shoez made by Putrid Gloom. Woot, cool name ^.^

So here i am the perfekt carni gurl killing time on the cutest merry go round at the Black Pearl Amusement Park, wearing a killer outfit that imho is pretty awesum :-P

Wot am i wearing? So cute huh? Its the dress you can win freeeeee on the lucky board at SMOTD!   Grungy blue-starred tutu with bra top and neck ruff, so cute the way it bouncy moves also wen u walk ^.^   And this lucky board changes very often so dont mess about, if u havent got this dress yet then go stalk it now! iv teamed it up with tattoo and torn fishnet stuffs from the ever inventive Sn@tch. My shoez are the SMOTD blue starred pumps which i blogged a coupla dayz ago - sent out in the subscribo, but sadly removed from notices now. Still u can alwayz buy them ^.~    

U probly need to see this dress again? Anywayz im gonna show it 2 u again LOL... cuz i took another cool pic of it while i guarded the tunnel at the Amusement Park in my carni-chic way so it would be a shame to waste it ^.~  

Second dress is *shhhhhh* a secret limited time dollarbie at SMOTD.. but im gonna show it to u now hehe (and yeh, Putrid said i could lol). This dress is soooo cute.... the colour... such a soft velvety blue... the stars... the cute ickle bow... the swishy subtle way it moves... and its... one linden :-P  If u want this dress at this price u better not walk.. RUN to SMOTD and get it cuz i think its gonna poof at the end of the week.... go now.... sky blue dress covered in i made friends with the moon and we watched the dawn come up together lolz...

Oh also, it comes with the shoez and the funny bowler hat ^.^

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