Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dresses, dresses, anddd some more dresses.

Dresses: [AV] Vlodovic weekly dollarbie is the brown animal print dress.
Sassy Kitty's Midnight Mania prize black mini dress with silver bow tied to the back.
Tomoto's lucky board prize is this polka dot tunic. Bright&colorful. It's soooo cute.
Shoes: [AV] Vlodovic lucky board prize - brown animal print ankle boots.
Periquita Funny Girl Flats. Fatpacks all on sale for 300L
Tattoo: I heart Rien (I <3 Rien) sexy gun tattoo in the lucky board for all the badass ladies out there.

Dresses: S@bbia group gift is a polka dot dress w/ green belt.
Join the group and go to the store and get it.
Parallel Love group gift is the the soft pink floral dress.
Join the group and go to the store to get it.
Bibi's orange and blue check dress is a lucky board prize. (5min)
Shoes: Periquita's Lime Funny Girl flats.
Mother Goose's cream flats is a lucky camp prize.
Mother Goose's blue clogs (1L).

ALSO I was taking photos and totally forgot to wear the Exile group gift hair.
It's super cute. I saw it blogged here.

That's all for now!

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