Friday, June 5, 2009

U Better Run Run Run Run Run Run Fast As You Can

Hey! See this dress? Lovely floaty swirly ghostly dress? See the veil? Amazing translucent swishy wraith-like thing? With the metal headband wreathed with skullz @.@? U want? Want the skin? Yes! The skin comes with it woot :-D   

Best part of all - this is the Corpse Bride outfit so if uv seen the film u know what the Corpse Bride looks like... so... u can see ur ribcage through the hole in this dress and... u can see right through to the landscape behind u its pretty cool. The arm also. U really are a wraith in this outfit ur a bona fide Corpse Bride yayz. It comes with a shape and eyes im not wearing those in this pic though.

U want? LOL sure u do hehe u better run run run run to Ho Wear go to the shop labelled women when u land and get it for free *now* Ho Wear it transpirez does a daily freebie... where have i been under a rock or something not to know this til now... but *today* this is the freebie and u betta get it. I dont know when it vanishes so best go now.... 

Thanks to fashion scout extraordinaire ice Mata for the heads-up on this outfit ^.^

**Edit: this foto taken in the swamp at the Magic of Oz sim ^.^

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