Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Status Quome: Adored and Inked

Oh so many hunts right now! I didn't have time to tackle one of the big ones, but I found this short n' sweet hunt from Adored Clothing & Hair and Inks & Kinks. 20 jeweled butterflies to find, almost all easily seen, and each one has a fun clue to the store where the next one can be found. The prizes are all from Adored and Inks & Kinks consisting of tattoos, jewelry, and cutesexy outfits. There's also a prize from Fusion Furniture!

Just two of the many tattoos from Inks & Kinks. The leather thong is part of an I&K outfit that's another of the hunt prizes. (Sorry for the blur, SL is refusing to stay rezzed for me today.)

Dress and shoes: Miss Independence Day in pink; Belt: part of Jocelyn white outfit; Furniture: part of 6-piece Fusion modern living room set (plant not included)

Left: Biker Babe outfit (boots from M'z, former lucky chair prize); Center: Shea blue outfit and shoes; Right: Striped Corset Candy set (comes with transparent and non-transparent top)

Adorably Kinky Scavenger Hunt!

Other Items: All hair from Novocaine, 50L sale; Skin from Tyranny lucky chair

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