Friday, June 5, 2009

Gertie, The Amazing Warrior Queen of the Savanna

The outfit I just couldn't wait to blog about! So absolutely gorgeous and detailed, Soca Warrior ShowGirl/ Mardi Gras Costume had me searching the grid for the perfect place to photograph it...and I think I have found it at The Dorian Day Spa, SL's elegant and luxurious relaxation mecca. You have to admit, such a great costume deserves to be photographed in a setting as special as it is. The outfit is available from Couture Chapeau & The Prop Shop

For those not in the know, the Dorian offers a full range of relaxation and romance, including manicures, pedicures, professional spa massage, couples massage, and the owner, Bibe Mayo, tells me they are currently offering a very limited time special of just $2500 for their elegant Romance Evening package. This package includes a massage for two (see the sunset picture below for a look at the view from their couples massage area), gourmet dinner, dancing, and exclusive private use of the entire sim for an evening of enjoyment just for the two of you. Just stop by the spa and leave a notecard with the receptionist or in the spa inbox with your name saying, "I saw your $2500 special on Look What The Cat Brought In" if you are interested in this special.

Here is a closeup of the lovely Warrior/Showgirl so you can appreciate the detail that went into making this such a great outfit!

This lovely outfit called "Facet" I picked up from Chat'teigne Mainstore. My friends who have heard me sing karaoke will attest it is lucky the price was not a song! Gotta love those lucky chairs, gifts, and midnight manias for the lovely samples they give us of designer's works. Now a closeup of the beautiful jewelry I picked up from a midnight mania.

The jewelry is called "Parvati" and I got it from Rhiamon's Realm. Now that I have had a taste, I can't wait to finish this blog and go shop there. -*grins and grabs her linden wallet to rush off to the shop*-

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