Thursday, June 11, 2009

Something Elegant for Saturday Night

I don't know if you can see me as I am just a teeny speck on the steps of the huge new ballroom at Zenaida's Path which will be hosting their first Summer Grande Cotillion this Saturday at 6:30 pm slt. There will be some freebies and prizes, I have been told by the lovely Marilus, so toss on those diamonds and tuxes and stop in for an evening of dancing.

This lovely gown was a gift from Aria's and I have this gift to thank for the discovery of the ballroom at Zenaida as it was the mention of this gown to my friend, Marilus, which first brought me to take pictures on the steps of her lovely ballroom. Aria's has a shop in the village at Zenaida's. This lovely dress was a DSN group gifting called "Sirene Gown - Crimson Bliss (DSN)". If you haven't already signed up for the DSN network of giftings, pop round to Moxie's Deck and sign up to receive giftings and demos in the areas of your choice. If you stop by Aria's at Zenaida there is a free men's roleplay outfit in the shop.

Here is a closeup of the hat I am wearing, complete with brain flowers and veil, from oddment and jewelry by Caithlin Carter from one of the current gridwide hunts. Stop by their shop and be sure to pick up this week's freebie from over by the Store Info board, a lovely Lapis bracelet available from a box on the floor there. The set I am wearing is called "Clara".

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