Monday, June 1, 2009

A little look, a little favour

Hi there !
A little look at the gifts you'll find in the hunt ! It'll be more of them tomorrow, and I hope my fellow bloggers will show you some too :p. And oh... we have a Flickr Feel free to drop pictures there and show us some are with your pretty face. So now STOP and look at meh. LWTCB Hunt - Simply Fae gift (1 of 2)
LWTCB Hunt - Simply Fae gift (2 of 2)

LWTCB Hunt - Fallen Gods Inc Gift (boxes 1-2-3 of 3)

Other stuff you cannot get in the hunt:

Pic 1 : Harm (but his outfit can be found at Phoenix Designs - Robin for Male) - Pose :Vposes Stop - Hair : Magika (discount hair 10L)

Pic 2: No, I insist you can't get Harm.. Hair : Magika (New release)

Pic 3: Hair and pose: 69

Now a little something about the hunt. At the time I'm posting this (which is way too late for me) I have the hunt tested, made sure all the boxes work the same and we are only missing the box #15, but here is the LM for #16 since no box could remain rezzed at #15 --> #16

But I need you for some things. One is .. mind the lag when you hunt. Don't go too heavy on prims, it really helps for hunting. Two is .. you can yell when you've found a box, or ask around for help. If you are really really really stuck, ok then IM me, but not in the first place please and don't IM the designers either (they are really busy people, so except if they are standing around, don't disturb them please).. just keep in mind, I receive a lot of IMs... I got away a few hours, staying online, and my IMs got capped. So if you didn't get answer, I most probably didn't ignore you, but crashed or never received your IM. Try again when my profile says I'm on.

Enjoy the hunt and have fun :)

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