Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Wanna Snatch The Cat Back

im wearing all gurly pink stuffs and i luv it yayz. i dunno what has come over me. This post is all about pink. Humour me lolz  ^.~

U know how it seems we all need a low arc outfit rite now. Hair fairs, hunts, sales... the low arc outfit looms ever larger in ur inventory yes? And u know how bad u can look in a low arc outfit rite? Well despair no longer cuz Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch has come to ur rescue with an awesum low lag outfit.... with a catch LOL. If u are a member of her Sn@tch VIP group then this low arc outfit is waiting for u in the group notices... pink top, stripey stockings and knickers woot. So cool. And the shoez, these amazing platform flip flops are in the notices also, a second giftie. But the catch? No, the group join thing is not the catch... read on... ^.~

Now, lets get to the catch  ^.~  the outfit... its... like... pretty well transparent. Now there is no way im gonna be splashed all over a blog in transparent knickers  :-P  so that explains the big fat pink flower figleaf iv dumped rite over a strategic part of my anatomy :-P  So maybiez... wear pants or shorts rite? LOL. The top is also semi-transparent. So wear a bra. I got mine for only 5L at Elv'an Magika, remember i blogged this fave shop in my last post.

And u noticed the hair? And the jewellry? Look closer.... oooooh aaaaaaah:

Hair is the divine Cherry Bob by Curious Kitties, freeeeee at the Hair Fair here, woot. Really *this* is the culprit that made me fall in luv with pink all over again  :-P  i may never take it off i luv this hair so much, Curious Kitties so rawks =^.^=

The jewellry? Well there is currently a freebie fest for the opening of the new Starlust area A La Mode. U should go. Repeat. Go Now. There are gifties/dollarbies of clothes, jewellry, shoes, poses, and just... stuff... scattered all along the bridge. The cute rainbow necklace with matching earrings is from KCD. The checkerboard Defiant Cuffs are from Electric Jane. EEEEEnormous diamond cocktail ring is from Puarangi Designs Jewelry. There is so so much more. Go check it out asap cuz i dunno how long these will be here for... maybe only this weekend?... ty 2 Pamber Lorefield for the headsup on this sale <3
The skin.... whoa... pretty awesum yes? Wrenja already blogged it some time ago here, along with other stuffs u can get at Hotel Munster *if* u are a group member - and there is a 50L joining fee. Now im not a fan of fees to join groups at all :-P  but i decided it was worth it for this skin which is a gift from Violent Seduction  ^.^ And im glad i joined, cuz i lurk round Hotel Munster a bit, i luv the build and all the shops that are there, and this skin is now my new fave skin yayz!. And also there are lots of other hot group gifts including 2 other skins in the same place and two House of Munster hairs in the group notices ^.^  Double yayz! 

Whoa! Stop the press! As i was about to post this.... a nc about a new freebie at Elv'an Magika lobbed in! Yayz! And... its pink!! WOOT!! This beeeeeuuutiful pink colour of the oh-so-versatile Elv'an Magika signature jacket is free for a limited time. It fits in so fine with my current pink obsession. And the skirt i blogged earlier is still there free but not for long. Go fetch ^.^

Btw fotos taken at Hotel Munster and at Cutie Land both awesum builds ^.^

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