Sunday, June 28, 2009

MORE Hair Fair

Sadly, I probably will not get to all the booths at Hair Fair this year. Between the problems getting there, the lag, the crashes, and my own influenza A...I did get to visit one whole sim with very little problems last night...the above is a short sampling of the hair I got...most of it freebie and dollarbie hair, I only bought a few wigs myself. I loved the theme this year!!! It was very creatively done, and the boothes all did well keeping with the theme. I will not pick out one merchant...there were so many awesome designs...but I will say that one thing I noticed the 50% hairs that donated 50% to Lock of Love, they were often NOT the style I would have chosen to buy. One thing the creators should consider for next year...I would be more likely to purchase if it were anything remotely like what I wanted...also some of the free styles were adorable...some I had to shake my head and say..."What were they thinking"... Most needed some kind of adjustment...but I like doing that...and for free...who's complaining!!! Click the pic to get the name of the style and artist... ~*Dawn

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