Monday, June 1, 2009

>>>>> Please read ! <<<<<

Just a quick update that might help !!! .. On the picture under you'll see what you're hunting for !You can have one these three boxes out there! And remember official start is NOON SLT. Some designers have the boxes out but not all of them yet. Don't worry, at noon all will be settled down and a message will be sent both in-world in our subscribo and in here !

Happy Hunting !


  1. Hey there, how many items are in this hunt?

  2. 27 ! you look for one of the three boxes shown above in each store .. they are listed from #1 to #27 .. and it's written in the name for how many items you hunt per shop (i.e. it's written (1 of 1) for 1 box, etc...)

  3. Thank you :D very much .

  4. About the two missing gifts.. yeah you're free to suggest a spanking to the designers ... lol kidding. #14 and 15 weren't out... Right now.. 14 has been added.. still awaiting 15 !

  5. Hi
    I love this hunt the places are wonderful and I like the smaller hunts.
    I could not find #12 Deadly Desire, is it with another vendor.

  6. lol lol lol .. I'm going to make an official post dedicated to Deadly Desire gift.. Harm's gonna be happy :p
    So when you arrive at the landing point, you should recognize this place... you went there for the part 2 of Simply fae gift.
    Look in the stalls in the middle of the room !