Thursday, June 11, 2009

Et gardez la cadence...

Meh is squealing of delight.. why ? Because on this day I have witnessed two miracles. Don't call them "just gowns".. they are way past that delicious.
First... Kouse's new release...
Ryel is a stunning gown with its rich textures, heavenly balancing between satin and velvet look to make you look like the most precious gem of Second Life. It comes with an adorable choker which actually is a ribbon tied around the throat. I just love it !
Now.. it's Kouse and who says Kouse's new release says Buy one Get one free. 10 for each store locations which means 20 of you my dear readers will get lucky!
You just need to write a NC to Kouse Singh, including the Transaction number and the color of the free gown and she'll send it to you asap. Don't forget to tell her how amazing is her dress !
And as if the dress in herself wasn't enough.. she also released a delightfull necklace.. and she must have bumped her head on a wall on her way back home as she sells it for only 10L !
Such a sweet necklace.. with a color change gems ?? (11gems options)
And to finish this post with some more beauty... let's head to Sascha's Designs with her summerish and still so feminine last release .. Lillie.
Lillie is a must have for its amazing textures that makes me in a summer afternoon !
I got the orange version but if you hurry to Sascha's store today.. the purple one is at a discounted price.. today only ! And please note the skirt comes in several options that you'll just adore!
Enjoy !! Hugs Sua.

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