Friday, June 5, 2009

Joy to the World ^.^

i been busy irl so im late posting... i have stuff stacked up so there is gonna be a few posts coming in a rush sowwy :-P

Anywayz. May i present to u The Fruity Head of Joy one of my new most fave things (and btw the cute green tutu is by Rotten Toe im gonna blog elsa Liebknecht's stuff very soon in another post):

The Fruity Head of Joy is a prize from the OMG Not Another Hunt hunt which is on *now* from 30 May to 20 June and i believe the prizes are all a leeeetle... ummm... different lolz.

The Fruity Head of Joy is made by Quiver Quintessa who makes luvly things to sell in her shop Nushru, a shop which haz a garden thats so luvly that u really should drop by just to check it out. This is a hat with a difference - not only does it look amazing... all fruit-salady summer... but it is also scripted. It is *hysterically funny* truely. U *could* just wear it as a hat :-P   But really... would u wanna? Cuz that is a bit boring since if u enable the scripting this hat does the most amazing things WOOT like u can stack up a human pyramid of other Fruity Head of Joy wearers wth this hat... (whether or not they are expecting it LOLZ)...  or u can play catch with another avie with this hat... and when i say catch i mean the other avie is the ball roflmao... basically u know this hat is a lotta fun :-D

Several of us had a huge amount of fun helping Zaldaan Sirnah debug the Fruity Head's people pyramid script it wuz the most laughing i done in a long time hehehe here are a couple of picciez of the debugging party as the pyramid collapsed into chaos with Zaldaan risking life and limb for his code :-P

So the basic Fruity Head behaviour is demo-ed here by Quiver and me: wear Fruity Head, click Fruity Head of someone else wearing same, end up poised elegantly but precariously on their head (btw the backdrop is Quivers aforementioned luvly garden)

So how many people can this Fruity Head stack u ask? well that is an unknown answer ^.^  our record so far is a FIVE people human pyramid. So can u go higher? Anyone up for trying a human pyramid of 100? i wanna reach for the sl skybox ozone layer roflmao

Btw Quiver haz a flickr ( where ur invited to post ur fotos of attempts on the human pyramid record yayz. :-D

Next up lemme show u some pics about VSM - Vendor Support Month - check out the website

Its not exactly a hunt but each vendor participating haz a gift for only 10L and each gift is good quality stuff and easily findable so a hunt without the hunt frustrationz is wot it is ^.^    Pics of the gifts are on the website so u can decide which u wanna get - u dont have to do it blind. Theres some amazing stuff - skins jewellry clothes poses a house furnishings etc etc im just gonna show u four things rite now but the other stuffs are equally amazing go check out all the vendors and show em some luv u wont be disappointed ^.^

IM HUNGRY & IM WEARING BLOODLUST LOL so watch urself around meh... u can so see im a really messy eater heh ^.~   this amazing skin is the Sn@tch 10L giftie for VSM, the Bloodlust (Fed) skin: 

For ur 10 L u actually get *TWO* skins WOOT: Fed and Hungry version... Hungry is cleaner lol here it is closer up:

Now wait a mo look at the pics again see the amazing jewellry set? The awesum bracelets, the cute hair flower, the amazing necklace?... Theres other stuff in the set also which im not wearing atm like anklets and a less bling set of bracelets and a brooch and earrings, well i am wearing the earrings actually but they are hidden by my hair :-P   This whole set is also a VSM giftie - the Let the Sun Shine set by Narita Rayna of Ticky Tacky - all this for only 10 L oooooooh im in luv @.@

Btw the shoez im wearing are the Cheetah Streetwalkers which were just recently in the Sn@tch lucky chair and they are all kinds of awesum i can really strut my stuff in these ^.^ These are no longer in the chair but another set of equally cute boots are there ^.^   The outfit is mix-n-match PixelDolls alwayz amazing clothes not free but so not expensive PixelDolls rocks ^.^

More amazing VSM stuff - skins and outfits and jewellry and its all VSM gifties yayz :-D  This skin and knickers and corset set is by Frick - of course who else would make this lol - and i *luv* it. U get several skin tones.... and the outfit... and its... yep 10 L.  The shoez... are amazing yes? They are from SMOTD... Putrid Gloom does a weekly dollarbie atm and these were last week's dollarbie... now there is a new dollarbie... also a MM with a skybox to be won and a lucky board with a dress but the outfit in this board changes often dont miss out... go hunt them all down cuz these shoez are awesum ^.~

The luvly jewellry is the VSM Flower set by Amaranthus it is so delicate and cute and in a special green colour only for VSM woot. The jewellry is small so here is a closeup also u can see the skin betta  ^.^ The hair flower is still fm the Ticky Tacky set above i jst cant seem to take it off ^.~

Dam u still cant see the necklace properly u betta check it out on the website :-P  Like i said theres lots of other stuffs... pretty foto frame... house... amazing wings and banner from The Black Canary.... i mite show u sum more later for now i think i betta post this so u can get started reading the website and deciding wot u want. Have fun   ^.^

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