Monday, June 29, 2009

i'd Rather Be Katatonic i'll Never Stop

im still in luv with pink :-P

And its a good thing too cos a nc just boinged into my inventory with the news that the wonderful Katat0nik Pidgeon has put a new almost-giftie dress out in her main Katat0nik store for us.... and... YES!! Its PINK!! WOOT!! A pink recolour of her Panda Dress. It is not free, but only 25L, which even i can manage to scrape up yayz. So without further ado, here it is ^.^

The pose is kinda cool yes? Its Michael Jackson's famous on-his-toes pose, and it is a completely free giftee from Sugar Mill, along with 3 other MJ poses in a box at the entrance to the shop. Its a mark of respect for the passing of a great performing artist. So it seemed right 2 use these awesum poses for this post  ;-;

Next pic is another one of Sugar Mill's MJ poses, and more very affordable Katat0nik gifts. She has a whole stand of cheapies... oldies and not-so-oldies... and these Love Butt Pants are soooo cool, and only 10L @.@  "BUT"! - u cry. "These are not pink! These are RED!" Aha, yes, but u know, pink is a tint of red heh. If id shown u the green or the black pants that u could also get for 10L, u would have a point. But red, that's ok ^.~

The tops? Surely u begin to recognise a trend here? LOL. Uh huh, Elv'an Magika again. Five lindens. Wot to say? Fave shop lolz.

Other cool stuff also from Katat0nik is the choker and the shoez. The shoez are her famous Bowie Mary Janes of course, not free... (though this pair was... an old group gift hehe  ^.~ ) The  Locked Heart Choker is so very cute. It comes in many colours, has a resize script which works brilliantly, and is only.... gasp.... 25L o.m.g. The work is so detailed and luvly. Look:

The hair, the skin, and all the other jewellry u know i blogged in my last post tho i didn't show u a closeup, so this makes up for it. In case u missed it read it here

And btw these pics all taken at Katat0nik's cool sim ^.^

Last minute OMG-blogger-freak-out. On the totally awesum uber-blog Free Style, Sileny has just blogged this pink dress and... what's more... she is also using a MJ gift pose!! What are the odds of that happening? ROFLMAO! Blogger faux pas on my part :-P  But u know... iv taken the pics and written the post so im gonna still put it up heh. Luckily Sileny is showing u a MJ pose from a different gift - from KS2Cool not Sugar Mill - and also is showing a different skin, from Fishy Strawberry. So go check her post here ^.^

*Edit: ummm... :-P  i got my Elv'an Magika bra on under that Katat0nik pink dress cuz i liked the bit of red lace & i forgot 2 take it off before i made the foto... so u know... if u want the lace, wear the bra ^.~

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