Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coming Soon

Yeah .. Hair Fair started. Lag from hell came back too.
So since SL went down when I wanted to go and check the Fair, and when I finally managed to get back, all sims were down .. I'm thinking .. i'll visit it later.
It'll be opened till July4th at noon SLT.. so yeah kinda give us some time to check it another time, plus .. I'm on european time so *grins evily* I may be able to sneak more easily when USA are asleep.

I want to underline what Hair Fair is about and I read infos from different websites, or blogs and I think Pumpkin from Baking Cupcakes blog wrote something really great here.
We all go excited about our favorite hair designers gathered in one place, goodies, gifts and exclusive creations, but we should also all remember this ...

For once spending lindens in there is not only going to make you happy. When you buy something at the Hair Fair, benefits go to Locks of Love, which is a non-profit organisation working in order to given kids who lost hair due to medical conditions good quality wigs.

I'm going to invite you to read Pumpking post for it is full of great informations, and it's her post so I'd rather have you reading it on her blog than here ^-^.

Just one last line though. Mind the lag. Honestly, when I went last year to Hair Fair, and when I will be going there this year, I'll go to check the designer's work, and as lovely as your outfits may be, I think it's way better to go as primless as possible there. Less lag, you rezz faster, move faster, shop better and everyone is happy.

So here is what I'm going to wear there.
And don't i still look cute ?
Jeans from Deviance (LWTCB hunt gift) Top from KC outfit "Omen", and Hair "Dharma" from Magika. PLUS I'm still wearing my AO so far and my ARC is only 16.

How to check ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) ? Advanced tab --> Rendering --> Info Displays --> Avatar Rendering Cost.

Mind ARC isn't doing everything, kicking my AO off leaves my ARC to 16.. so why would I need to take it off... Scripts ! The more scripted objects you have, the more lag it causes. So kick the prims away and kick the AO, radars, HUDs ... That'd be awesome.

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