Monday, June 22, 2009


OMG!!! Hair Fair??? YEAH!!! An addicts dream comes true!!! Tonight has been the very first time I was able to even get near a Hair Fair sim. As expected the lag was hiddeous, worse, I was stuck in the sim I was in...all others on all sides were full and did not allow access. The top picture is me fretting how to do an article on this most fabulous event, when I could not get there!!!
Maybe traffic will die down a little bit this week so all can get a chance to see this wonderous event. I was so happy to have little hints from the Fashion Bloggers, and followed them to a T! I had my avatar render cost down to 46 and probably could have gotten that lower, but here is where my vainity comes to play. I just could not make myself go completely bald...NOPE not a Hair Addict!!! So I did wear my 2008 bandana. Rosie should be very proud of me...and yes I agree...bling and flexi hair and render costs well over 5,000...perhaps in the future there could be someone at the landing zones helping people reduce their costs, and if not...boot them...sigh...
In any case, I do hope to report on much more, here are a few freebies by *Pizazz Hair* The shorties are male styles...I often think male wigs look better on females than on males... these are adorable, the long one tho...needs a little work...and nodka 30L offering which was too cute to pass up (it's the one with the hat). Now back to trying that landmark...again and again and again...Addicts don't give up that easy! :)


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