Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I believe I can fly...

Greetings! My favorite OOC (out of character, means NOT medieval as far as I am concerned) designer, THE gentleman of SL, Morrigan Denimore (yes, I DO have a major crush on him, so what?) just released a new delight, that I intend to get as soon as my not so gentlemanly banker lets me buy linden $... So I am showing you the promo poster, which is quite unusual I know (but The Black Canary's promo posters are very pretty anyway...)

Aaaaaaand.... I was mentioning a contest in my previous post... Well here it is:

"My dear lolitas, aristocrats, and all those in between, the first ever lolita themed magazine is holding a cover page contest for the release of our first issue which is set to be released in the month of August. The theme of the first issue is something that is widely known to the lolita culture (and even those who are not): Alice in Wonderland. With this in mind, please post us your best Alice-themed image, and we may very well choose it to be on our cover page.

Now, here are the rules:

1) You are permitted to Photoshop your entry (in fact you really should; if you do not, that's quite alright, we may still choose it nonetheless so long as we have permission to touch it up for the cover).

2) You may only post one image, and it must be high resolution; those who post more than one will not be qualified.

3) Your picture must be tasteful, befitting of a proper lolita themed magazine; we do not wish to see your naughty bits.

4) Enjoy! The deadline to submit is july 25th; after this a winner will be decided and contacted.

The winner of this contest will receive a mini-feature in our magazine as well as have their picture on the front cover. In addition, they will receive store credit to The Black Canary, redeemable at any time for any one item of their choosing.

I am interested to see your lovely photos.


In case you were wondering, of course I am entering... *grins* and so should you!

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