Sunday, June 7, 2009

RFYRE- First to blog it! :P

I just couldn't believe my luck when a friend tp'd me over to RFyre to pick up the awesome new UnOrthodox Woman outfit just dropped in the lucky chair. My video card screamed in agony as I landed in the packed showroom, but I paid it no mind. Video cards come and go, a hawt number from RFyre is a bit of pixelated joy that will outlast my love for my current computer hands down.

Continuing with my tradition of blogging somewhere great to visit or something to do, I wore a great new outfit over to The Pocket at Freestar Bay, but the light show put on by Cellandra Zon to accompany OhMy Kidd's awesome performance was just too amazing to ruin by pasting my pixelated self over top. Great place to hang with friends or bring a date, the Friday night program continues well into the wee hours, but you won't want to miss a moment. -*grins and hunts her pillow to go get some rest*-

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