Monday, June 29, 2009

Interview and Review of Vidal

Hello, friends! Just wanted to talk to you about a very good friend of mine, Javabox, and his concepts for developing job opportunities in Second Life for those people around the globe who might not otherwise have the opportunity to make a decent living very easily. I know we all chuckle about designers eeking out a few lindens for their hard work and how little a linden is worth, but to someone from certain parts of the globe where say a teacher is happy to make $300 US equivalent per month, picking up another $30,000L and converting it to cash can be a real boost. And that's just the sort of people he wants to encourage. He's already helped one new designer get a leg up on the competition, and he is hopeful of helping more.

That is us chatting beside his shop, Vidal.

The designer was gracious enough to drop one of his lovely designs on me in several colors just as it was being released. Naturally, I had to put it right on, and when it rezzed I absolutely Sqeeeee'd! with delight. The other photo shows the alternative mini that comes in each pack in a lovely lime green. I have to say the mini is my favorite, because it is unusual and it moves so well. I had a lovely time trying it with different poses and it always looked great. Not free, but very reasonable, especially with all the great options, and a great mix n'match accessory thrown in in the form of a lovely handbag.

Last, but not least. FREEBIES!!!

You didn't think I would forget all about those, did ya? -*winks and grins*-

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