Sunday, June 21, 2009

Go Now Go Now, Go Now (Go Now)

im keeping this short and sweet cuz its late here and im sooo tired LOL... so...

Koreshan Bake Sale!! Woot!! On til 22 June thats tomorrow so.. yeh... so... go now!!

Showing u only a few of the fun things there... look... OMG... (@).(@)  

Minajunk skin absolutely gorgeous and only 250L oh my!! One of her Cry skins with rainbow makeup, includes shape and facelight ^.^  And here is the luvly Sexyback Akina who wuz shopping with me... making a guest appearance in my blog post and modelling the amazing Minajunk skin oh-so-beautifully yayz. U so need this skin.

So i had to get the skin, natch. And some cool hair. The hair im showing u is exactly wot u need for ur good hair days and ur bad hair days... its by Tiny Bird... and only 1L for both days!! The cuppycakes hair adornments belong to the Deviant Kitties hair which is also sooo gorgy and also only 1L. This hair is actually a yummy purple blue colour. I uploaded the pics and now it looks black. It isnt  :-P

Good hair day:

Bad hair day:

There's clothes also: by Silent Sparrow and Schadenfreude and Draconic Kiss woot! These aren't 1L but they are a lot less than u would have to usually pay for these brands. The Silent Sparrow outfit is... umm... all about meat :-P i couldn't get that one being a vegetarian LOL but its pretty amazing anywayz and if ur a carnivore... well it might be just wot u want. There's also toasts and cuppycakes and lollipops and donuts of all descriptions... oh and a squid hat by Gritty Kitty... well indescribable things really u betta just go see i think. Various prices and all cool stuffs. And the stall is only there til tomorrow. So... yeh u know... go now lolz ^.^

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