Monday, June 22, 2009

Ca m'eneeeeeeeeerve!!

Ok well I need to explain that... It means "That pisses me off!!" and it's a song in french sung by a german guy and talking about all these things that piss him off. Well what pisses ME off is people who go to a hair fair wearing prim shoes (the more bling the better), skirts, belts, jewels, facelights, prim lashes, AOs, radars, HUDs and last but not least, HAIR, but not the low prim non flexi hair, noooooo, the hair from Analog Dog (that I love btw but NOT on a crowded sim) with a gazilion prims with flexi AND alpha (transparency if you prefer)
So, please pleeeeaaaaase check your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost, that's your weight on the sim, Sua explains very well how to check that here) and if it's above 100, you're just so not "in" I'm sad for you... *grins*

And here's what I look like when I visit the Hair Fair... My ARC is 1, it's the lowest possible, and I walk like a duck, and guess what? I'm proud of it! Post on the Flickr your "special fair and hunt outfit" and the best 3 will be shown here on the blog! Oh and the "Shop till you drop" shirt is from a new place called Rezlpsa Loc (don't ask me, I don't get the pun, hehe, I'm french after all) where you'll find awsome funny shirts!

That being said, I fought the lag this morning and found a few nice things that I show you here matched with outfits from DSN.


This sexy piece of latex is supposed to be everything I hate: latex, pink and fur... but you know what? I love it!! It's from Vextra Messing Designs, another shop I had never heard of until the DSN thingamagic dropped it in my inventory... the hair is another Calico gift from the Hair Fair that I ever so slightly modified to make it darker.

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