Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little treats for you...

A quick post with some goodies I have found those last days.. but got too busy with the hunt start..

So here it is... First my last love, Weird Designs. Hopped on there for a lucky chair call, but missed the "S".. but I'll be heading there again ! The Lost Doll dress on the left of the picture is a group gift.. Looking awesome, and even more with the Root Bear hair from Magika sale (20L the pack - 100 fatpack .. And 10 hair styles are on sale, just on the right from the entrance).
The bikini is "Fun in the Sun" gift from Weird Designs, and the White Snow dress is the Bedtime Treasure Book gift (skin included). I was looking for hair to match those outfits when I got the group gift from Boon.... in all colors and even resizable.

After that, I checked quickly Mashooka (yeah I am loving her style) and got the cute Valentina dress in blue. The wind of summer is blowing .. and this even in my hair with the House of Heart hair Tuli.

Last but not the least, I picked the Eliezel dress from Leyda Style for 1L ! So gypsy like and I agree with Isa who modelled it so deliciously for you in a previous post... the leather belt looks wonderful. Feeling so much sun and summer around, I couldn't resist but to drop the flower garland from Wishbox in my hair. And guess the best ?? it's color change and in the lucky chair for now.

Have a sunny day and a smile on your face !

xx Sua xx

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