Saturday, June 13, 2009


...promises you know you cannot keep...

So yes, I bothered the LCS group for hours the other day to get the fatpack of dresses that was on the midnight mania board at Doux Petit Dahl, and I promised I would post about a thing called "spermy collar", wearing ONLY the said item, if we managed to lock it down (Sua mentions it here, so I can't really pretend I didn't say it)
Let me first show you what I struggled so hard to get, you may have seen them already if you've been reading the blog for a while because Sua posted about them already here:

Yes, I know, they ARE pretty. They are not all in the fatpack, I got some from the lucky chairs and lucky cupcakes in their different store locations, as well as the scarves, thighs and all the ankle booties (except the lipstick and purple ones I bought during the sale at the main store, it may still be on you should definitely go check) Anyway I am seriously considering boxing most my other non fae clothes to wear only those for the next few weeks.

What? The what what? The spermy collar? Shoot, I was kind of hoping you would forget about this... Only problem is I couldn't find it, honest! I asked around and someone sent me to a place called Bondage Witch project store (no comment) and I found an even spookier thing to show you, I hope you will forgive for not showing you exactly what I said I would...

Yes, that's right, this "buddy" 's eye follows you... creepy, huh?

Hair from 69 and Truth (Novocaine)

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