Friday, June 12, 2009

Status Quome: Rockin' Out!

Have you gotten all the freebie boots and shirts and stockings from Vinyl Cafe? If not, there's a lil' hunt*** on their sim called Rock n Roll All Nite and the gifts are the past freebies plus a few extras!

Peace shirt and red prim-toe stilettos, wall art, posed furniture!

Skull tee, stockings, boots and shoes! The coffee cup is what you're looking for, there are 18 (I found all but #1 *pouts*)

Corset top, music stockings, boots, ottoman, record bin and wall art! The shirts and stockings are multi-packs and there are several pairs of stiletto boots in different colors.

***You have to join the Vinyl Cafe Group to do the hunt, but you should be in it anyway for all the great gifties they have every week! (The Night in Paris skybox and stockings gift is still out, btw!)

Vinyl Cafe Rock n Roll All Nite Hunt

Other items:
Hair in 1st pic, Novocaine 50L sale; next 2 pics ETD (not free)
Skybox: Fenna Rainy Day Skybox, former La Flat group gift

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