Friday, June 19, 2009

It's only Fair(e) to talk about it

Yeah .. I run, I run, I run .. in RL, in SL, so much sometimes it feels I have no time for myself anymore, but I really had to blog about the Fantasy Faire.

When Boaz dropped the sign at her mainstore, I got all "Wooot.. One faire JUST for fantasy stuff? How cool!" ... But honestly this was nothing compared to when I actually visited the Faire.

9 sims in total ~ 8 themes and a whole bunch of extremely talented designers.

Sim 1: Neko Industrial Park ** Sim 2: Avatopia **Sim 3: Wings Wands Wonder ** Sim 4: Dark Realms ** Sim 5: Fantasy Faire Central (not too much to see there though) ** Sim 6: Elvencourt ** Sim 7: Sector Sci-Fi ** Sim 8: The Mer Market ** Sim 9: Via Obscurium
The sims are just awesome, simply stunning. Each one built on their theme, I really want to stress the great work put in this.

In the picture I just show a very small part of what you can get there... So the purple doll dress is a gift from BlueBlood, the three other outfits are KC miracles, not free but so delicious still ! My little friend (the shoulder pet) is Cthulhu, one of the gifts by Tekeli-li. I must mention Tekeli-li creates awesome jewelry and hair. Maelenn got one style (not shown here) from there, fitting perfectly the Dryads and it is filled with so many options.. updo or not, change the color of the wood, flowers, leaves in the hair.. it's a steal for 175L per style.
The scarf is a gift by Kitheres, which is a shop I discovered via the Faire. And gosh such a good looking scarf is what I would have needed in RL, so I wouldn't have that cold right now ! *grumbles*

Plus the two necklaces I am wearing in the picture are gifties by Earthsong Creations. The lightning necklace was sent via the subscribo, but the lavendar one is to find at the Faire *wiggles a brow* Seek the moon and touch it to get this gift.

And I hired a model in order to make enough honor to Caverna Obscura creations. Let me introduce you Devora, one of the cutest fae Avilion has and a precious friend to me. Thing is.. when I saw Caverna Obscura items, I immediately notice this delicious dress.. why ? Because Devora owns it and wears it often. And we have to agree on that, she does wear perfectly isn't it ? Yes it's because she is looking gorgeous, and the dress too ! *adds to her shop list Caverna Obscura*

Well I'll end here my post on the Faire. There is MUCH more to see but it needs to be seen by yourself. Leave alone the fact that talented designers and some friends like Boaz (Simply Fae), Aria (Aria's Dreams), Evie (Evie's Closet), Alia (Fallen Gods), Ghanima Uriza (Blue Blood) and so many others to visit... hurry there !

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