Friday, June 5, 2009

Across the grid

Yay, I have explored the grid again ! And "double-yay", I found awesome goodies for you !
First stop : SXY2ND (Thanks to Boudica for the head-up)

And with Phoenix Rising, let me show you some delicious outfits. And believe me, they have some to make a man drool just by describing them... so imagine when you'll wear them !A bit of insolence, a pinch of sensuality.. and you'll be a stunning woman ! The three outfits on the left of the picture are Phoenix Rising's ones and .. to get for 10L at SXY2ND sim.

The two breath-taking gowns shown above and in the picture under as well are gifts from Seldom Blue but to get again at the SXY2ND sim. The light and deep pink are free and the black one is quite pricey.... 1L... yeah I know.. you'll have to save money for the rest of month.
Now one smexylicious set of lingerie, Kira. From Seldom Blue (to get at the mainstore this time) and as it's a new release, you can get this version for 1L ! And the black set for only 100 instead of the regular price of 792L.
And cute outfits to end this post with (from left to right) Anais Designs dollarbie, Sweeter than Candy goup gift, and WhoNose lucky board dress. Lovely aren't they ??

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