Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good finds, late finds

Yay, it's me again.. Me got really tired so I needed a little break and just enjoy the lovely weather out here or just enjoy my friends in SL. First I do hope you loved the hunt. It's over now, yes and sorry for those who missed a few gifts. As Rosie said, we'll most probably have other treats and sweets for you, but right now... Meh needs rest.
But yeah I was speaking of good finds, so let's look at the piccie.
On the left is a gift from Wishbox, but I checked today and it's another prize now in the MM.
Remember the Gypsy Chemise in Red, well the same in blue and just as lovely !
Hair is subscribo gift from Mirone. The band is texture change !
The next two outfits (lingerie and capuccino dress) are the lucky chairs prizes from Seldom Blue. Aren't they looking gorgeous, I'm particularly fond of the capuccino dress !
The last dress is to get at Sascha's Designs.. and if you were lucky to sneak into group chat (when it works! Darn SL) or check notices.. you could have gotten it for 1L.. because regularly Sascha set one dress for 1L for a limited time. So sweet of her isn't it ? Thanks Sascha !

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