Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Freshly out for a delicious summer look

I do love Blue Blood .. I think I mentionned it in the past but I really do. So model those dresses is each time for me a delight. Unravel dresses is the latest release, to get in 4 colours, each of them fresh and summerish as much as you can wish it !
For those who got to assist the great fashion show by Blue Blood and The Black Canary, this is the dress Ghanima was wearing.. I wish my laptop and connection weren't that crappy and I could have published pictures of the show itself but let me just tell you the set was incredible.
"Life after Death" was the theme, and each model was presenting their outfits in a little boat, slowly moving upon the Styx .. (well not sure if it was meant to represent the Styx, but the theme in itself and the set were so gorgeous it made me think of this).
So a big standing ovation to all designers involved in this, to the organisers and the creators of the place!
And about the Unravel gowns, well why didn't you get them yet ? Plus if you're a group member, you get a special discount. Yes.. Life is good!

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