Thursday, June 11, 2009

Virtual flowers...

I received a note card from M4ri1yn Magic of Free Finds for Men and would like to share it with you (yes I *am* gloating, so what?)

"Greetings kind Ladies.

First of all let me congratulate for the success of the hunt.
It has been a great pleasure take a walk in your fantasy world, just like in one of those fairy tales.
The first hunt with no stress and just fun.
I've just blogged about the hunt (the second part of the article) on the blog I contribute to. Is about the finds related to men.
If you are keeping track of the articles or just want take a look here is the link
Here is the flickr gallery where the quality of the pictures is better (is almost more visited than my own blog...)

This is my little way to say thank you to you and the generous designers.

May your ways be green and golden.

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