Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Supa Quick In-Between

Yeah.. Just a quickie for
  1. STC group gift... Adorable dress and funny shoes. Get in the group if not already !

  2. StAr PoSeS is awesomeeeyy.. thanks Rainy for making me discover it !

  3. Rosie's last offer:
    [10:40] Rosemarie Indigo: MM @ Doux Petit Dahl, I've been trying to get this for 3 days now, please come help me, one is the Spring Fling Ensemble with pink dress, ankle boots, thighs and scarf 39/150 and the other is the fat pack of dresses 41/150. They are ADORABLE! take the taxi here

[10:44] Rosemarie Indigo: i promise you all I will come and slap all the MMs on the grid from next week (I move to another place with a REAL internet connection), even the neko tails, even the spermy collar, even the rape machine art thingies, if we lock this down
[10:46] Rosemarie Indigo: here's what we do, if we lock the DPD dresses, as soon as I get an internet access I shall slap AND blog the spermy collar.... wearing ONLY the spermy collar....

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