Friday, June 12, 2009

Woot ... Thank you so much

This morning I log on and got a NC...
Yeah.. I know this sounds familiar.. why ... because Rosie posted it here already. So why am I writing more about it.
To send a HUGE thanks to all the people who took interest in our hunt, who blogged about it or just spreaded the info. Thanks to all of you who believed in us and helped us to, day after day, build more of our blog.
Thanks to all the kind words sent and if you haven't done that hunt yet.. hurry just three days left ! And on 15th it's over !

So hunt now and don't hesitate to ask for help !

Thanks to all the blogger, here are the links we found. If you don't appear, let us know we'll update the post. Love you all guys, thanks for making this possible.

Lil daisy's lil lindens ... You rock girls <3 Second Destiny and here too ... Muah Boudica and your pictures are gorgeous !
Second Life 24h and again here .. Thankies Elli ! You always find such great deals... glad for once we brought something to you !
Baking Cupcakes ... We love you being nosey Ashte !
Shayariel's world of SL Fashion Thanks for the kind words, they're appreciated.

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