Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Delights worth to be known

And i'm not only talking about the smexylicious last release from Blue Blood ...
Freedom and yeah.. it's about how I feel right now !
The wonderful Ghanima keeps amazing me a whole lot and even more as I saw this new outfit.
Worn as a ball dress or cute shorts .. or even a extremely well seen compromised with the short opened skirt ! A total must have.. and specially the black .. well ok.. at least for me the black.. But remember black is group only !

Next but absolutely delight I found thanks to Freestyle bloggers.. Mystic Sky. Skyler's lucky chair entirely hates me.. or all "S".. but anyway I'll stick there and get you lovely lavendar gown. *waves her fist in the air at the chair* Anyway this adorable dress is a subscribo gift and I'm SO loving it that I simply turned human... Yep.. pink looks better on pink skin!

All hair styles are from Hair Fair... Dollarbies or Gifts... Goodies to get.. If I can ever visit the Fair entirely.

Oh.. still wondering what other delight I was speaking about ???

I got a job ^-^

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