Thursday, June 11, 2009

When it turns to be the greatest love [Part Two]

Yes... some more love !!

  • Simply Fae...
    I've known Boaz for really long time and she keeps me amazed with her creations.. just look at the pictures under. The Daphne gown is to say the least stunning. I love the textures, sweet and delicate colors perfectly matching each other. As you can see there is a special edition in Sage and Amethyst that you can get for 1000L.. Expensive will you tell me.. Not really when you know that you can get over 20 different styles only with this pack. Though if you prefer cheaper, you can get the Sage or the Amethyst version only. Or pick another color (Pearl, Sapphire, Onyx and more to come).. Or get the limited edition.

click for bigger view

Yes... I said limited edition. Like in a very special edition of Daphne that only a few of you will be able to get... And guess what.. only 10 are out today for the special price of 300L. Tomorrow 20 will be out for 400L. And same the day after for 5days. You know you must have it. Just hurry at Simply Fae, buy one of the copies left (6 right now) and pick up your box.

  • Sascha's Designs

My second love of today's post.. Sascha's Designs.. I came to Sascha's looonng time ago .. and first as Maelenn... and I so loved it there. The dresses are elegant and very feminine. Though it's not medieval (yeah .. 75% of my clothes shopping is meant for RP) when Sua first opened her eyes in SL (and got slightly de-noobed) she ran to get the Zuzu dress in purple. I just love it with the flowery texture and well.. do I actually need a reason? And guess what... Zuzu in chocolate is this month group gift. Join the group, and check the store for the gift poster... and yes.. Baby Otter agrees.. you need that dress.

  • Blue Blood

Last one for today... Blue Blood. How do you fall in love for Blue Blood.. Easy... One day .. you do a hunt (Twisted Hunt).. and you happen to tp in there. You find your box.. get a look around and start thinking.. wow.. that's really a great place. Then you innocently check a price and you think... WOW that's really a great place. Then you make mental note "Head back to Blue blood after the hunt".

Then you are at home, going through the ceremonial of rezzin-unpacking-classifying-the-gifts and paf.. you try on the Blue Blood dress. And say.. Ok.. I'll finish later. What could be greater than a great shop with great dresses at great prices? A designer who always makes sure the lucky chair, Midnight Mania are filled with awesome items. And keep the previous gifts available for you to get them at the entrance. So to just make it fair and show the good heart of Ghanima Uriza (the great mind behind Blue Blood) all the outfits shown under did cost me a huge total of ... 0L. Hunt prizes, Lucky Chair gifts or Midnight Mania present.. yes.. I know, now you have to go to Blue Blood too.

Special appearance of :
Mister Baby Otter - Lucky Board prize from *M*
Hair style in Simply Fae pic - From Adora's hair sale
Purple hair in Blue Blood pic - Curio's DSN gift

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