Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vampire Weekend

So Goti tp-ed meh to the lucky chair at Warholic Vampire and i found... WOOT... there's a new dress in the chair! YAYZ!!! Cuz i luv Warholic Vampire... and the dress is a bit of a stunner actually. The skirt and sleeves are all black raven feathers well im saying its raven feathers anywayz cuz it looks like that to me ^.~   Cute sexy lace-up corset with a red bow on the back. Comes with stockings and socks and pants. And free. Really wots not to like? LOL.

Its the Bloody Lady dress, a darkly brooding vampire kinda dress so i went to hang out in the graveyard at Transylvania Vampire Empire. Where an aloof shy ghostie joined meh... at a distance... lurking behind a tree hehe ^.^  i needed good stomping shoez to go round the graveyard.... and these were free/cheap at Dilly Dolls some time ago... and they did the job heh. (the spiky collar n cuffs is by Violet Voltaire but i don't think u can get this any more since she closed her shop)

The dress isnt the only wonderful thing u will find at Warholic Vampire... there is a whole box of all the Lilly skins for only ONE linden for the whole box whoo hooooo @.@  Some of these skins are faves of mine... and the Lilly So Black skin wuz the perfekt darkly brooding skin to wear with the darkly brooding dress. 

So i needed darkly brooding hair... and i found it... freeeee... at the wonderful Dark Mouse... this is the Basha hair it is completely free for *twelve* colours and its gorgeous ^.^

You need to see the awesum skin and hair close up... so here u go...

PS there wuz a special offer when i wuz at Warholic Vampire... for 15 L a punk vampire outfit in same room as the Lilly skins... kinda latexy shorts with stockings and ripped bandage top... maybiez its still there if u like the sound of it u could check...

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